The 5 Types of Bets in Rugby Every Rugby Bettor Should Know

When talking about sports, normally you have various ways to bet and rugby is not the exception. Depending on the sport, the sportsbook and the tournament, this could be a little confusing and would potentially mean making a mistake that could cost you an important amount of money, but this guide will take away all of your doubts and after that you will become a master at placing wagers.



Rugby is a sport where it is common to see a high amount of points scored by both teams. When you select this type of bet, you will have to decide not only who will be the winner, but to select the right or the nearest amount of points that one team will have above the other.



On this category it is necessary to keep in mind a lot of conditions, like the players line-up and their performance, the weather and even the place, because you will have to select the output for the final of the week or even the final output of a tournament.

First Try Scorer

First Try Scorer

Here there are two options, you could either bet on a single player that will score the first try or you can bet the team that will do it.

Match Bet


This is the typical bet, not only on rugby but in all sports. All you have to do is make a bet on which one of the teams will be the winner.

Total Points


This one is a very interesting way of betting, because the mission here is to calculate the nearest possible value to the final sum of the scores of each team. So your knowledge about both teams and the history between them must be high.

Betting could be a lot of fun, but while you are having a beer and watching the game relaxed, you are spending money, so you will have to consider if you will just spend little amounts while you have a good time, or maximizing your profits.

Now that you know the possible ways to make your strategy, remember that you can place different types of bets at the same time, so you could multiply you earning to the max. Do not waste your time just watching the match, make some profit of it.

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