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If you are a regular fan of rugby and bets, then you have reached the right page. Sure, you are up to date with everything related to the sport, and you are a great gambler looking for some information. Everyone needs some guidance to get the best benefits and make the most of the money they invest in betting, and you also feel a love for rugby that few people in the world do, which is something we want to represent very well on our page.

JRFU was born at first, to provide information available and related to international rugby and to make the sport communities in all countries have a place to feel represented. We developed the idea and through it we managed to do everything that you currently see right now on the website. We wanted to achieve many things while staying true to our passion for rugby, that was our goal from the beginning and it still is.

After developing the idea more thoroughly, it was conceived that the most feasible thing would be to make a page strongly dedicated to the extensive field of betting around the world but mostly in Japan, where rugby has been spreading really fast and has near unparalleled numbers of fans, since they have been breaking world records.

In front of this growing community we finally focus and move forward in all our capacities, we worked hard during many years to create this site.

We hope that this is a cozy space where you can feel represented, where you can be aware of the world of betting and how to bet on the great sport that is rugby. And, since rugby today seems to be in a process of globalization, we thought this was the best time to launch this site around the world and get more people attracted to the sport.

So, here we are to deliver the best and most detailed information. Here at JRFU you will be able to get the best tactics and basic rules of the sport to quickly become a successful gambler.

We will give you advice that will help you all the way so that you can obtain the necessary knowledge to generate the greatest benefit while enjoying and complementing your own experience as a fan of the sport.