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3 Things to Know Before Betting on Any Rugby Match

To make a profit through rugby betting there is no special secret, and it is mostly your knowledge in the sport that will dictate your volume of earnings. If you are a fan of this sport, which combines strength, contact and strategy, you know that the meeting place plays a key role in decision-making.

We will teach you how to maximize your chances, with a proven methodology that is suitable for online betting.

Analyze the Game


Several elements must be taken into consideration when you want to predict a rugby match. The weather conditions, the quality of the lawn and the physical form of the players, occupy an important part, although, there is many other criteria that must be taken into consideration.

International matches, often take place in the middle of the season, so it is common to see new teams be lined up before the start of a match. A team is strong in rugby when it is complementary and composed of elements that are able to replace themselves.

Select Your Championship


The ideal is to start by betting on the Top 14 matches. Whether you are experienced or novice, you will have to select the right championship, because there are big differences between each one.

You will have no difficulty accessing the most relevant information. National sports newspapers are your best friends, as well as specialized websites. The order of the Top 3 safest competitions in rugby betting looks like this respectively: the Top 14, the Heineken cup, the Amlin cup.

Avoid Certain Meetings


As always, you will have to set aside the derbies, since those results are often too random and unpredictable. Forget the international matches even if some teams, such as Italy, pale in comparison against the big teams that are New Zealand, Australia and England.

Now you know how to tackle a rugby match in the best way possible when it comes to placing your bets! We wish you the best of luck.


Learn the Game: Basic Rugby Rules for Newbie Bettors

Nowadays, there are a lot of sports around the world, it is kind of impossible to know about each one of them. So, here is a guide we created to teach you some of the basics of rugby. If you want to bet on rugby, the best starting point would be to get to grips with how the sport works.

In knowing everything there is to know about the rules and different details, you’ll be able to place more informed bets. Let’s take a look at some of the basics of rugby.

Number of Players


Rugby is played 15 against 15 and each team has 7 substitutes on the bench. An injured or bleeding holder may exit and be temporarily replaced by another player, but the replacement becomes final if the injured person does not return to the field after 15 minutes of treatment.

It is always important to know the details, strengths and weaknesses of each player when betting. Team dynamics plays a major role in the outcome of any match.

Duration of a Match


It lasts 80 minutes, two half-time of 40 minutes. The clock is stopped as soon as the game does. This makes betting on rugby extremely exciting, as you don’t have to wait around too long to know the outcome of the match.

The Pass


The pass in the hand can be done only backwards. If the ball is inadvertently or intentionally dropped, the action is stopped and the throw-in is made by the team that did not commit the offense. Knowing the history of team performances will allow you to place all types of bets including the amount of offenses during a match.

The Offside

The Offside

The position of the balloon draws an imaginary line dividing in two, in the width direction, the playing field and this line cannot be crossed by the players. Whoever is in front of the ball in the opposing half is out of play and cannot take part in the game action. Can be very important if you are an infractions bettor.

The Try


You’ll be able to place different types of bets when betting on rugby. One of them is the total amount of tries scored.

The try, is the goal of all game actions. A try is scored when a player flattens the ball beyond, or on the goal line that delimits the opponent’s in-goal area. The ball is put back into play in midfield by the opposing team.

The Throw-In


The ball is placed on the ground at the place of the fault, or in the centre after a try. The player that puts the ball in play kicks it or picks it up, then either he runs with it, or he passes it. The opponents have to be behind a fictional line located 3 meters from the ball brought into play.

Now that you know the basics of rugby, betting on this exciting sport should be a breeze! We hope you found these basic rules educational, and that you would be able to put the information to good use in creating your next rugby betting strategy.


The 5 Types of Bets in Rugby Every Rugby Bettor Should Know

When talking about sports, normally you have various ways to bet and rugby is not the exception. Depending on the sport, the sportsbook and the tournament, this could be a little confusing and would potentially mean making a mistake that could cost you an important amount of money, but this guide will take away all of your doubts and after that you will become a master at placing wagers.



Rugby is a sport where it is common to see a high amount of points scored by both teams. When you select this type of bet, you will have to decide not only who will be the winner, but to select the right or the nearest amount of points that one team will have above the other.



On this category it is necessary to keep in mind a lot of conditions, like the players line-up and their performance, the weather and even the place, because you will have to select the output for the final of the week or even the final output of a tournament.

First Try Scorer

First Try Scorer

Here there are two options, you could either bet on a single player that will score the first try or you can bet the team that will do it.

Match Bet


This is the typical bet, not only on rugby but in all sports. All you have to do is make a bet on which one of the teams will be the winner.

Total Points


This one is a very interesting way of betting, because the mission here is to calculate the nearest possible value to the final sum of the scores of each team. So your knowledge about both teams and the history between them must be high.

Betting could be a lot of fun, but while you are having a beer and watching the game relaxed, you are spending money, so you will have to consider if you will just spend little amounts while you have a good time, or maximizing your profits.

Now that you know the possible ways to make your strategy, remember that you can place different types of bets at the same time, so you could multiply you earning to the max. Do not waste your time just watching the match, make some profit of it.


4 Tactics to Implement When Betting on Rugby

Besides your knowledge, there are some tactics that can help you when you want to bet on rugby. After all, the fun of watching a game increases when you add a bet, and you cannot forget that you can maximize your earnings while you enjoy playing with your friends.

The Sense of Anticipation


The basics of a good bet in this sport are the anticipation by studying the calendar of competitions on which you will bet. It takes 2-3 weeks in advance to put yourself in the place of technical staff, which will target some games more than others.

The Importance of the Context of the Match


The “home” and “outside” context is still important in Rugby unlike other sports. So betting on a home team is often a guarantee of security that not everyone pays attention to.

The study of team’s compositions is a very important parameter. Unfortunately, the official compositions come out only 24 hours before the match now. Also, the weather is a detail that can be decisive. Indeed, the rain changes, and often upsets the scenario and dynamics of a match, and advantage the team that cannot perform well in these conditions.

Be responsive, Bookmakers Are

Be responsive Bookmakers Are - 4 Tactics to Implement When Betting on Rugby

Frequently mistrust is practically required, because sports betting sites have more information than you. Over the years, they have improved significantly to adjust odds and disabilities to the right level so it becomes very difficult to detect errors or values, but they still exist.

Stats Analysis


In every sport, player and team statistics play an important role in the success of game analysis. In general, you will have detailed statistics on home and away victories, history of confrontations, the number of points or tests scored. In short, interesting data to take into account.

Other tips exist, relating to the structure of bets rather than knowledge of the sport. For example, performing combined bets can allow you to multiply your winnings without too much risk or effort. Betting on home wins of big clubs opposed to small teams pays little on a single match, but the multiplication of odds helps to get great money in the end.

We trust that these top betting tips will get you ready to bet on the next upcoming rugby match successfully.